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Update from the Chairman (2/6/2023):

Hello.  I wanted to send a quick update from meetings attended last week, and touch on a few other topics.

Thursday, Feb 2nd: Donna Funari, Terri Meyerring, Linda Love, & I traveled to Laurens for the SCGOP 3rd Congressional District Planning Meeting.  All 10 counties in the district were represented.  Each county gave an update on their current ReOrg 2023 planning progress.  There was plenty of Q&A time provided, so everyone got a chance to gain direction & clarity going forward.  The meeting was well worth the drive.

Saturday, Feb 4th: Rachel Moore, Andrew Lusk, & I attended the SCGOP State Committee meeting in Columbia.  Of course, Drew McKissick gave the Chairman’s report & quite a bit of business was discussed, along with a lengthy training presentation on ReOrg 2023 - given by Mark Bonnoitt.  At the end, we were provided with our packet for the County Convention.  I’ve attached Oconee’s official delegate count (shown by precinct) to this email.  The total for County Convention 2023 is #309.  Rachel M. (VChair) is putting together a summary brief of the meeting, which I plan to send out tomorrow. 

Along with that:  I want to thank those individuals & precincts who provided feedback to the Bylaws Committee on the proposed changes.  The committee met yesterday & already has a 2nd draft ready for review.  That is exactly how the process is supposed to work.  (e.g., the Bylaws Committee extends the proposed changes as a starting point, with subsequent questions & feedback provided by the precincts, which eventually results in the final amended version)  That’s how a functional organization works.  To date, the Bylaws Committee (John Wagner, Donna Furnari, Rannie Bond, Bill Jerome, & Mike Tarner) have volunteered over 100-man hours to work through making these changes.  Knowing each member of the Bylaws Committee as we all do, it’s quite probable that some healthy discussion & debate occurred along the path to resolution.  I believe that each member of the committee certainly deserves our thanks for their commitment to this body and to getting the work done. 👍  The amended version will be sent to all precincts tomorrow. 

Lastly:  I wheeled back into Seneca in time to attend the 6pm meeting with fellow conservatives at Blue Marble Deli and hear from the SC House Representative guest speaker.  I was inside the door just in time for the opening prayer & to say the pledge.  Unfortunately, before I could look for a seat – Perry Smith approached me and let me know that I was not welcome.  After a soft exchange of words, I walked around him & left via the pass through to Pub Blue.  The treatment was half-expected, none-the-less I was disappointed.  Maybe another opportunity will present itself to hear from the SC Freedom Caucus member at a later date. 


Jim Mann, OCRP Chair & C4 Republican

Come Together

           Plan Together

                   Work Together

                            Struggle Together

                                           Grow Together

                                                     Stay Together

                                                              Fight our Battles Together

                                                                            and REPUBLICANS WIN!

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