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Precinct Reorganization


This is your opportunity to have a voice in the Republican Party. Precincts form the foundation on which the Republican Party is built and provide individuals an opportunity to have input into the selection of Republican Party leadership, platform, and candidates. If you have an interest in running to be a precinct officer or delegate to the County, State, or National GOP Convention you must participate in precinct reorganization. Even if you do not wish to serve as a precinct officer or delegate, you should still participate so that you can provide valuable input to the Party and we can keep you informed about important issues and events.


Precinct reorganization is held every two years, prior to the bi-annual Oconee County Convention.

Please Click Here to access an informative video message from Drew McKissick, Chairman of the South Carolina GOP, that provides further insight into Precinct Reorganization and its importance to the political process. 

We need your help in getting the word out about precinct reorganization. Please share this information with friends and neighbors and encourage them to participate. 

To download a Precinct Reorganization Form that will be collected at our Precinct Reorganization meeting (Click Here). You must submit a completed form (including voter registration number) no later than the makeup Meeting if you want to be a precinct member and/or want to be nominated to serve as a precinct officer or delegate. You do not have to attend a precinct reorganization meeting to be elected a precinct officer or delegate, but you cannot vote if you do not attend a reorganization meeting. If you do not know your precinct or voter registration number you can find it at

Our next Precinct Reorganization Meeting is scheduled for March/April 2023.

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